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50p item removes ‘tough’ stains from your walls ‘effortlessly’ without ruining paint

While it is best to avoid stains on walls, often it can’t be helped.

To make matters worse, these stains can appear more unsightly if they happen on white walls.

Although white paint makes a room appear larger and brighter, it also displays dirt and marks more than any other shades. 

As with any light-coloured surface, white walls will accumulate dirt and evidence of wear and strain over time. 

Households can, however, maintain their white walls and keep them clean with the right with one particular “cheap” item, claim Mrs Hinch fans.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for the “best way” to clean walls without damaging the paint.

Sadie Benson said: “Hey all! What would be the best way to remove these marks from my walls without ruining the paint?

“My partner is so clumsy and somehow manages to splatter the walls with things constantly and leaves handprints on them, it’s driving me mad.

“I only painted this room white last year so all other walls are fine, trying to avoid repainting again.”

The majority of group members claimed that the only way to remove the stains without repainting and lifting the paint is to use a magic eraser.

Kirsty Campbell said: “Cleaning sprays will lift the paint, you need to use a magic eraser.”

Carol Wright commented: “I would try a magic sponge, I use them all the time. 

“They don’t have chemicals and can even remove tough marks like ink without effortlessly with just water.”

Nicole Doyle replied: “A damp magic eraser will sort those stains right out and shouldn’t remove the paint.”

Graham West said: “Magic erasers work brilliantly. I bought some cheap ones the other day from Amazon and they were great.” found the cheapest magic erasers at Amazon retail for £4.99 and come in a pack of 10. This works out at around 50p per sponge.

These sponges aim to remove stubborn stains from nearly any surface with no need for chemicals, just a small amount of water for cleaning or dry for dusting.



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