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A new poll reveals immigration is one in four biggest issues in many voters’ minds

Rishi Sunak was yesterday warned the public is becoming increasingly concerned by high levels of immigration.

A new poll by Ipsos Mori revealed that immigration is one of the four biggest issues in many voters’ minds, alongside high inflation, the economy and the state of the NHS.

Public concern about immigration is now at its highest level since 2017, the poll says.

Mike Clemence, a researcher at Ipsos, said: “Immigration is becoming a bigger concern for the country, with the proportion mentioning it almost doubling since the start of the year.

“This increase is driven by rising concern among older people and Conservative Party supporters in particular. Overall, however, the public are still just as, if not more, worried about the economy, inflation and the NHS.

“Worry about inflation is beginning to show signs of ebbing, with three in ten mentioning rising prices as a big concern this month.

“Although it remains the second largest issue for the country, this is the lowest score we have recorded since March 2022, early into the Russian invasion of Ukraine”

A separate study has found 3 million foreign workers are not occupying skilled workers.

This, Migration Watch says, shows the Government has not been attracting the “best and brighest” from abroad.

Nearly 60 percent of all foreign workers in the UK are employed in jobs that are not highly-skilled – totalling just over 3 million people.

These occupations include immigrant chefs, butchers, fishmongers and poultry dressers.

Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “Suella Braverman has made a very brave speech in Washington but the Conservative record on immigration has been appalling.

“The government’s attempts to focus now on asylum will not fool the public.

“Allowing immigration to continue at anything like present levels will change the nature of the country within a generation. We need serious action now, there is no time to lose.”



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