Air bridges: Where can Brits fly to on holiday? First air bridges REVEALED

Global travel has ground to a halt while the world has tackled the coronavirus pandemic. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has not changed its advice against non-essential travel at the current time, despite a number of UK lockdown measures being lifted in recent weeks. However the UK Government is currently in discussions with a number of European nations about potential ‘air bridges’ with the UK which would permit travel over the next few months.

Today (Thursday, June 25) Boris Johnson and other cabinet ministers are expected to finalise plans for air bridges with a few European countries.

It is expected an announcement will be made about any potential air bridges with European nations in a few days time.

Transport Secretary Grant Schapps told MPs on Wednesday: “You can see there are a lot of complexities.

“I don’t want to be evasive but I don’t also want to give people false hope, which is why I need to wait until the end of the process and wait until June 29.”

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He said: “The final decision, from the UK and our point of view, will be in place in the next few days and I’m hoping the announcement will be positive from both sides.”

He also told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme there was no need for those returning to the UK from Greece to be quarantined.

He added: “The point is that Greece is a safe country – we have proven that during this crisis and we will continue proving this in the exit stages of the health situation.

“We feel that the risk of someone contracting the disease in Greece is much lower than most of the countries in Europe and indeed the rest of the world.”

There are a number of nations which are keeping borders closed for the time being and are unlikely to establish an air bridge with the UK any time soon.

The USA is the worst-hit nation in the world for COVID-19, and according to reports is unlikely to reopen its borders until November this year.

New Zealand has also closed its borders, and will also be keeping a mandatory quarantine for all travellers who arrive to the nation for some time.

New Zealand introduced a very stringent lockdown earlier this year, and recently declared itself free from COVID-19.


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