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American has Brits in tears as he almost throws up trying English mustard for first time

An American influencer has left his followers in tears after trying one particular English condiment that almost made him chuck up.

The TikToker, who goes by the name Theelitone, has shared several videos of him testing out traditional British foods, many of which are alien to the average American.

His hilarious reactions have gained him over 76.6K followers on TikTok and started somewhat of a trend among users inspired to also try some of the unfamiliar fare.

Theelitone has eaten rice pudding, marmite, shepherd’s pie, Bisto gravy, crumpets, and the classic – cream tea scones, among many other things.

One British food that caused a particularly strong reaction, however, was Colman’s English mustard.

In the video, Theelitone said: “So I was scrolling through TikTok and I saw this dude. He had on some overalls and a hat. He had a big spoon and was trying Colman’s mustard. He ate it and didn’t have no facial expressions. Nothing.

“And it got me thinking ‘yo am I a b***h,’ what’s really going on? So I want a rematch.”

The TikToker explained that he had tried the English staple before but never on its own.

He took a spoon and piled the bright yellow sauce onto it while telling his followers: “That’s enough. That’s enough.”

Before putting the sizeable portion into his mouth, the TikToker quipped: “Dear Lord, I come to you. Protect me. I’m already sweating. Just protect me and my esophagus. Amen.”

He immediately looked regretful as he struggled to swallow the pungent dip, even spraying some out of his mouth as he tried to choke it down.

“That was stupid. That was probably one of the dumbest things [I’ve done],” he said into the camera while looking slightly teary-eyed.

The video cuts to him cleaning up the sauce from his wooden floor.

Speaking to his followers, he added: “I can honestly say I learned a lesson here today. Never let your ego get the best of you.

“Colman’s, it’s official – we’re done here.”

He added: “Imma start a challenge. Anyone who can finish a spoonful, I’ll give you $20. For real,” before clarifying: “Any American.”

Theelitone’s videos have received thousands of comments and likes, with many Brits taking to the comment section to give their opinion on the divisive English dressing.

One wrote: “Sir, you did better than some of us English could do.”

Another commented: “Our English mustard is the best in the world..burns the hair off your nostrils if you’re not careful with it.”

Meanwhile, a third user advised: “It’s great with roast chicken, roast potatoes, the full English Roast. Keep going you keep me laughing mate.”

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