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American living in UK divides Brits after admitting she finds mealtimes 'confusing'

An American woman who is living in the UK has divided viewers after branding mealtimes “confusing” following her move to Kent.

In the TikTok video, Christina explained what she’s learned since making the big move, claiming “you cannot tell here what time of day a meal is at based on its name”.

She added: “If you think breakfast is in the morning, lunch is in the afternoon and dinner is in the evening, you would be mistaken.”

Mealtime names have long been debated in the UK, with some people branding their evening meal as “tea” while others dub it “dinner”.

It gets even more confusing when it comes to lunchtime, with some people calling it “dinner time”.

And for Christina, this made her move to the UK all the more “confusing”.

She continued: “What I consider dinner, is often referred to as tea. So when you hear someone say, ‘what are you eating for tea’, that’s what they mean – dinner.”

Discussing what her British fiance’s children say, she said: “My partner’s kids, the meal that they have at school in the middle of the day, it’s called school dinner.

“My partner and I are planning our wedding and it seems like the meal you eat at a wedding no matter what time of day it is is called a breakfast”.

Meals at weddings are traditionally referred to as the “wedding breakfast” from the old English tradition of breaking the fast.

They were traditionally held in the morning in the early 1800s when people would have the ceremony very early on and wouldn’t eat beforehand – making it a breakfast for guests.

Christina added: “I know that I’m having a meal on Christmas in the middle of the day but I can no longer remember if that’s considered a lunch or a dinner.

“Also a word to the wise, don’t ever order scone with clotted cream and jam at breakfast because people will be mad at you.”

One person commented: “I’ve never heard anyone be mad when you order a scone, but they will have an opinion on how you should pronounce the word.”

Another added in more confusion, explaining that some Brits even “eat supper” in the evenings.

A third wrote: “School dinner is a tricky one. It’s only a school dinner if it’s the hot food they cook there, otherwise it’s a packed lunch. You all eat at lunchtime though.”

While a fourth said: “The big Christmas meal is always dinner regardless of the time”.



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