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American woman tries British McDonald's and big difference shows USA 'has an issue'

A TikTok video of an excited American woman trying out the McDonald’s menu in Britain to see how it compares with the fare served up by the fast-food giant across the Atlantic has gone viral. But viewers think one big difference she highlighted demonstrates that the United States “has an issue”.

In a video, which has racked up more than 2.2 million views, TikTokker @courtreezy0 tucks into a range of food from the British McDonalds’ menu. And she was clearly amazed by the contrast.

Content creator Court was particularly impressed with the Chicken McNuggets from the restaurant in London – and was delighted to find they came with her favourite dip, sweet and sour sauce. She also revealed that she’d been told the UK’s McNuggets were actually better in the UK than they are in the States.

She told viewers: “I use sweet and sour sauce, if you don’t use sweet and sour sauce, I don’t know what to tell you, baby. Tati thinks that these nuggets might be better than American nuggets, I’ll be the judge of that.”

After taking a few bites, Court was clearly impressed, noting that the nuggets were “crispy” and “real chicken”. One viewer commented it was “worrying” that she “was surprised by the fact it’s real chicken in the nuggets”.

But that wasn’t the delicious difference viewers think shows that the US has “an issue”.

That came when Court was super-impressed by a Deluxe McCrispy, which she said isn’t available in the US. But this lack of availability isn’t the American problem viewers identified.

Regarding the Deluxe McCrispy, a type of chicken sandwich, Court said: “I have never seen this before opening. It’s got bacon. It looks healthy. Mmm, mmm. There’s a sweetness to it. This is a burger I wouldn’t expect from McDonald’s, and I like it.”

There was, however, something in the burger that surprised her. And her excitement was picked up on by viewers.

Court seemed genuinely shocked that the sandwich had fresh onion in it. She even removed the zingy slice to show the camera.

One viewer remarked: “You know America has an issue when you get excited over fresh veggies.”


Court also sampled Caesar & Bacon Chicken One wrap, Cheesy Garlic Bites, a Fillet-O-Fish and the classic Big Mac – which she confirmed was identical to the US version and “muy delicioso”.

However, she was less than impressed with the fries served up in the UK. She described them as “pale” compared to the ones in America, which are a more golden colour – come in a bigger portion.

Overall though, Court was impressed with the British McDonald’s menu. “Y’all did a good job, London,” she added.



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