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Armed police who gave up weapons ‘bullied and intimidated’ by bosses

Armed police who chose not to carry guns after a Met officer was charged with murder have been “bullied, intimidated and given career ­ultimatums”, it has been claimed.

Mark Williams, chief of the Police Firearms Officers Association, said some members have been threatened with sanctions by senior figures.

Officers have expressed concerns about carrying guns following the murder charge of an unnamed colleague allegedly involved with the fatal shooting of rap musician Chris Kaba.

Mr Williams said: “I am saddened to have received several emails from firearms officers from various forces who have been bullied, intimidated and given ultimatums about their careers because they have suspended their firearms authorisations to consider their position and discuss the issue with their families after recent events.

“This is totally unacceptable and those responsible should be ashamed of their actions.”

Mr Williams also criticised Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley, claiming he has not supported the officer.

He added: “That officer has gone out on the Commissioner’s behalf to do his duty.

“I cannot understand why there can’t be an arm wrapped around that person to say, ‘Look, you are innocent until proven guilty. We are going to ­support you through this process’.

“Then let justice prevail and, whatever happens at the end, at least they have shown some support to these officers, because at the moment they back off straight away. They don’t want to talk to the officers, they don’t want to be seen with them.

“Unless, of course, we shoot a terrorist, and then everyone’s happy to have a photograph taken. That’s what really gets to us.”

The Met officer, named only as NX121, faces a plea hearing on December 1. Mr Kaba was shot in South London last year.

Last weekend it is understood 300 of the 2,500 armed officers in the Met returned their weapon permits.

On Monday, the force said the officers had agreed to return to full duties.

The move came as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed his support for a review into how armed officers are held to account for their actions.



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