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Astrologer names the 'worst' zodiac sign – they can be 'hurtful and humiliating' to others

We all have our bad moments from time to time, but some might just have more than others.

According to Madison Carter from Astrofame, Capricorn has been voted “the worst” zodiac sign.

The astrologer suggested that this star sign is hard to predict. One second they’re shy, retiring and removed from others, and the next they’re making rude comments out of nowhere.

Madison spoke to Capricorn, claiming: “You are often there, seemingly out of place, a little distant, almost sulky.

“And suddenly, without being expected, you drop a hurtful, humiliating remark¬†and end up making yourself look like the victim.”

Madison also claimed that of all the 12 zodiac signs, Capricorn has the “worst attitude” too.

She argued: “Capricorns say what they think and don’t really care about the consequences for others.

“However, this is the zodiac sign with the worst attitude because, even when things are going well, they always focus on the negative.”

The astrologer claimed that lone wolf Capricorn is not the biggest fan of teamwork and doesn’t want to be distracted by others.¬†

Madison warned that if you’re “not working optimally for these earth signs”, they might judge you harshly.

In contrast to Capricorn, Libra is considered to be “the best” zodiac sign. They are slow to anger and super kind-hearted.



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