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Astrologer shares which zodiac sign will have 'worst month' in October 2023

In western astrology there are 12 zodiac signs, all with different personality traits and characteristics. 

Each star sign may find they shine and prosper in certain months, while they find others a little tough.

An astrologer at Click Astro claimed that Aries (born March 20 – April 20), will have their “worst month” this month.

They suggested that 2023 has been relatively calm and easy so far, but this time of the year might bring some troubles.

Indeed, the astrologer said: “While the first half of the year will go by smoothly, unexpected hurdles may arise in October.”

Aries should keep their wits about them, and expect “developments” that might “throw them out of their comfort zone”.

Indeed, the astrologer claimed: “Plans will be derailed and mistakes may be galore.”

The astrologer advised that this sign avoid making major decisions and “changes” this month.

Stick to what you know and you should feel more prepared for what life throws at you.

A final warning for Aries: “Expect the unexpected and prepare yourself to face any contingencies that may arise.”

Once Halloween has passed and October is up, Aries people should be in the clear, as their other unlucky month in 2023 was likely September, with tensions bubbling to the surface.

Other signs that might have to watch out for trouble for the rest of 2023 are Gemini and Cancer.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21) may find themselves very tired in November – “fatigue may get to you”.

As for Cancer (June 21 – July 23), this sign might become more insular towards the end of the year, overwhelmed by all that has happened in 2023.

Which zodiac signs will be luckiest in October 2023?



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