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‘Avoid’ radiators to dry clothes and swap for ‘nifty device’ which costs ‘pennies’ to run

Taking to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to ask for some advice, Annette Joyce wrote: “I’m looking for the best ways to dry my clothes.

“I’m thinking of getting a dehumidifier as I heard it helps with drying clothes. Does anyone have any recommendations?”

The post was inundated with more than 30 comments from cleaning enthusiasts all recommending a dehumidifier over any other way to dry laundry.

Maria Allen wrote: “I love mine and it takes half the time to dry a full load on an airer. It also dries the home out on humid days.”

Joyce Webber said: “Definitely get a dehumidifier. I’ve had mine since January, so wish I had got one sooner.

“It helps dry laundry and gets rid of window condensation, such a massive bonus. A dehumidifier is what you need, costs pennies to run.”

Alison Marie added: “I agree with all of these comments, a dehumidifier is what you need. The nifty devices are incredible for many things.”

Dehumidifiers help to reduce excess moisture in the air and can cost as little as 5p an hour to run, working to prevent damp and mould.

They can also be purchased from various retailers, with some starting from as little as £30.

Some brands even have a specific laundry setting which helps to speed up the drying process even more.

Maria Watson commented: “I used to always dry my clothes on radiators but found my house was so cold. I’d avoid and invest in a dehumidifier or heated airer.”

Many people opt to dry clothing on radiators through the winter months, in the hope that they’ll dry quickly.

However, doing so can result in less heat being passed around the home as well as excess moisture from the clothing entering the home, which could cause damp issues.

Some Hinchers shared which electric clothes airers they would purchase, while others recommended other drying methods.

Lisa Southall wrote: “The Lakeland one is amazing – dries a full wash load in less than two hours and only costs 24p an hour to run.”

Mandy Jones commented: “I have Dry Buddy and I love it.” Morag MacLeod wrote: “They have them in Lidl for £44.99.”

Some heated airers even come with a cover to contain the heat, helping to dry clothes faster.



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