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BA staff furious over 'cheap' gender neutral uniforms that are an ‘attack on women'

British Airways female staff are “not happy” over new “cheap” uniforms designed to suit non-binary and gender fluid crew members with some viewing it as an “attack on women”.

The airline launched the new outfits earlier this year, changing much of the uniform for women and offering male staff the option of a three-piece suit.

BA relaxed rules concerning uniforms going gender-neutral to allow male crew and pilots to wear make-up and carry handbags.

It’s reported female staff have also been ordered to wear trousers when flying routes over the Middle East and Africa to conform with “cultural sensitivities”.

A source told the Sun that the new androgynous uniform policy was aggressive towards female staff at the airline.

They told the paper: “This is an attack on women to satisfy BA’s woke credentials when all they needed to do was produce a dedicated uniform for non-binary and gender fluid crew.

“The whole thing is a mess. Women are not happy.”

Other staff reportedly told the publication the clothing was made from “poor fabric” and had a “cheap overall-style”.

The new uniform was created by British designer Ozwald Boateng to reflect the “diversity” of what it means to be British now.

Speaking in January, Sean Doyle, Chairperson of British Airways, said: “We wanted to create a uniform collection that our people are proud to wear… we are confident that we have delivered this.”

BA claimed that the change in clothing meant it was the first in the world to roll out a “modern jumpsuit” for on-board employees, though it was available for female staff.

The new uniforms have been launched across the airline’s workforce from Monday with British Airways saying it was “marking the beginning of a new era, our new uniform has taken flight”.

The Mail Online reports BA’s self-styled ‘Pride Hero’ Bradley Gibbons, who is non-binary, shared images wearing the uniform.

On the British Airways instagram page the airline shared a video of a female and male member of staff trying on the new attire with the caption “From fitting to first flight, our new uniform is cleared for take-off”. has contacted British Airways for comment.



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