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BBC ruthlessly mocked by Israeli comedians over reporting of Gaza hospital bombing

The BBC’s coverage of a bombing of Gaza’s Al-Ahli hospital has been brutally mocked by an Israeli satirical television programme.

The BBC has faced significant criticism for broadcasting claims from Palestinian sources suggesting Israel was behind the attack.

However, those responsible for the attack have yet to be identified – and speaking in Parliament earlier this week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said Government analysts believed the projectile which inflicted the damage was not fired from Israel.

The show, Eretz Nehederet (Wonderful Country), broadcast on Israel’s Channel 12, features a fake BBC newsreader named Rachel who says: “Good evening from London, here is some news from the war in Gaza.”

A BBC News banner states that Israel had bombed the hospital and puts the number killed at 500, with the actress saying “hundreds of innocent people” had been killed.

She then shakes her head at which point the number of the banner is changed to 750, prompting her to say: “Much better”.

The show then cuts to a fake BBC Middle East correspondent named ‘Harry Whiteguilt’, who says: “Good evening Rachael from the illegal colony of Tel Aviv.

“Israeli officials have denied bombing the hospital, but we have video footage showing what really happened indeed.”

A compilation of clips then shows a paper plan flying overhead, a scene from the blockbuster movie Oppenheimer and an exploding bomb.

Rachel says: “Absolutely shocking Harry” as a new banner with the BBC News logo next to it proclaims: “We love Hamas”.

Harry Whiteguilt insists: “We got this video from Hamas the most credible not terrorist organisation in the world.”

However, he continues: “I’m sorry Rachael, I’ve got some terrible news. The United States Pentagon says it has evidence Israel did not bomb the hospital.”

A shocked looking Rachel replies: “I guess it’s going to be one of those things we can never be sure about. Like how the Jews knew about 9/11 and did not go to work that day.”

The show then broadcasts a recording from who they call ‘Jihad Militant #1’, who said: “My god, what a huge mistake. I fired our missile on our own hospital.”

Another replies: “It’s ok not a big deal. Maybe we had there a few gays. That’s life. You win some you lose some.”

Back in the studio, Rachel says: again: “Well, I guess we’ll never know exactly what happened,” prompting Jihad Militant #1′ to say: “No, no, we did it.”

Harry Whiteguilt then declares: “But it’s still Israel’s fault… because the Israel blockade prevented Hamas from getting proper functioning missiles and this is why tragic accidents like this happened indeed.”

Newsreader Rachael ends by saying: “Good night everyone and remember: Israel is ISIS.’”

The BBC, which has also faced huge controversy for refusing to call Hamas a terrorist organisation, has declined to comment on the show.



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