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Best product to give grey hair ‘protection, shine and smoothness’ and avoid ‘breakage’

Grey hair is an inevitable part of ageing. By 30, most people have a few greys, and by 50 at least half of your hair will probably have turned grey.

As hair loses pigment, the strands will experience some changes. This means that changes will need to be made to hair care routines. 

Eva Proudman, Absolute Collagen’s Trichologist, explained to how grey hair should be taken care of and what to avoid using on it.

The expert warned that when hair becomes grey it can become much “drier, will be easier to damage and prone to breakage”.

This is because the hair without natural colour has a thinner cuticle, which is the outer protective layer of the hair.  

Eva explained: “The cuticle provides natural protection from water, UV damage humidity, chemicals and heat styling, without the barrier the hair quickly dehydrates and will feel dry, fragile and coarse.”

Many people believe grey hair to be coarser or more wiry than their normal hair. It is almost an illusion. 

As hair ages, it gradually gets thinner and thinner. The dry or coarse feeling is that the hair has less moisture.

The hair guru recommended that using a “moisturising and protecting” shampoo and conditioner, such as the Absolute Collagen volumising shampoo and conditioner, can really help as they penetrate into the hair to protect from within and also wrap around the cuticle to “add protection, shine and smoothness”.

Everyone should use a thermal protector when drying or straightening their hair to “add extra protection”, especially those with grey hair. This coats the hair with ingredients that lock in moisture and create a shield.

Due to its unique texture, grey hair burns much more easily when using hot tools, so it is important to keep the heat at 180 degrees or lower.

As ageing takes place sebaceous, (oil) glands can be less effective causing less of the natural sebum that does moisturise and condition the hair to be produced, but “a good conditioner or hair mask can really help” when this is the case.

With grey hair typically showing up dirt “much more quickly” than pigmented hair, washing regularly with a moisturising, nourishing shampoo and conditioner is “key to keep that grey colour looking fresh and clean”.

As always eating a balanced diet is “vital” to hair and scalp health. Eva revealed: “In a recent Double Blind Placebo Clinical Study we found benefits to the health of the scalp and hair from taking the Absolute Collagen supplement daily.”

As well as there being a range of products suited for grey hair there are also those that are not. 

Eva urged those with grey hair not to use “harsh colours” and instead recommended they use a toner that sits on the hair, rather than penetrating into it.

Adding colour or highlight to hair when it is greying increases the dryness of the strands due to the chemicals it possesses.



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