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Bizarre video shows naked woman attacking passengers at busy airport

A naked woman attacked several people at the Nuevo Pudahuel Airport in Santiago de Chile last week, as seen in viral videos posted to social media.

The woman can be seen walking around the international airport with no clothes on as she jumped and lunged at travelers.

The unidentified woman also screamed at people in the busy airport.

In one shocking moment, she can be seen grabbing a woman by the hair and throwing her to the ground.

Airport security guards look stunned, seeming to not know how to act in the situation.

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The woman was finally contained after she hit one of the police officers and attacked another employee.

According to the Emol agency, the woman had consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms at a party in Barrio Republica in Chile.

Additional reports suggest she arrived at the airport under the influence of alcohol and psychoactive substances, including the mushrooms.

Such substances can induce intense visual and auditory hallucinations, which potentially explains her erratic behavior.

An official comment on the situation has not yet been released.

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