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Charlie Stayt demands apology from Liverpool mayor in awkward BBC clash: ‘Not okay!'

Anderson replied: “I think I was on record many weeks ago saying I had concerns about people gathering outside the football club, that said, it didn’t matter whether it was Liverpool or any other football club that won the Premier League during this time, there would’ve been those scenes outside any ground. 

“I think we have to  accept it’s not just linked to Liverpool, but of course they won the league. 

“I think it’s frustrating people didn’t listen to the fans group, the club, manager and the players and individuals like myself to stay away. 

“But understandably it was going to happen because of the euphoria, the excitement the passion for Liverpool football club amongst the fans was so much so they felt they wanted to celebrate and they didn’t just celebrate around Anfield, there was horns going, fireworks, right across the city last night,” he continued. 


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