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‘Clever’ method to ‘speed up’ your ironing time significantly with 39p ‘magic ingredient’

Without a doubt, ironing is one of the most dreaded, time-consuming household chores there is.

While it is impossible to wave a magic wand and shrink an ironing mountain into a tiny pile, one woman has taken to social media to share a genius hack to help iron laundry faster – and all that’s needed is a cheap kitchen item.

Professional cleaner and organiser, Caroline Solomon, or Neat Caroline on TikTok, has shared a video on how to make ironing so much easier.

In the clip, Caroline claimed that tin foil will “speed up” the ironing process. She captioned the video: “Ironing hack with aluminium foil! #ironing #ironinghack #aluminiumfoil #ironingboard.”

The influencer explained: “Grab your ironing board and some aluminium foil, peel off the cover and lay down a sheet of aluminium.

She claimed that the tin foil is the “magic ingredient” for this hack working so well.

Caroline highlighted the importance of making sure foil is “shiny side up” as this way the hack will work the best.

Once the foil has been placed on the board, put the cover back on. The expert said: “This will iron your clothes so much faster.”

Caroline continued: “Aluminium is a great thermal conductor so it speeds up ironing, it basically irons both sides at the same time.”

This is because the foil reflects heat straight onto the underside of the garments, effectively acting like a second iron.

Followers of the influencer flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on the insightful method as some seemed keen to put this hack to the test themselves.

Hacse Putnik said: “Definitely going to try this! Thanks.” Teresa Williams wrote: “Wow! Good idea.”

Caroline noted that she picked up this ironing tip from the Today Show after one user asked where she got the inspiration for this “cleaver” hack.

Tin foil is something most households will already have in their kitchen cupboards, but for those who don’t, it is inexpensive to buy. found tin foil to be the cheapest at Waitrose and Partners retaining for 39p.

Previously, has shared how households can cut out the need for ironing altogether.

This can be done by throwing two to three ice cubes into the dryer and setting it on high heat for just a few minutes, the wrinkles in the clothes should smooth out. 

Countless people online have tested out the unusual method, with impressive results.

The magic happens when the ice melts in the heat of the dryer and is turned into water and then steam, therefore doing the same job the iron otherwise would. The dryer is essentially steaming the clothes so that they’re wrinkle-free. 



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