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Clive Anderson addresses moment Bee Gees stormed off TV interview 't*****!'

Clive Anderson, 67, has admitted his “pitch was wrong” when he interviewed the Bee Gees on his All Talk show on BBC One back in 1997. The presenter made several jokes about the band, which consisted of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, during their interview, which eventually prompted the trio to walk off.

Speaking exclusively to, Clive recalled how the interview with the Bee Gees went from the “best to the worst in a few minutes”.

More than two decades ago, the chat show host made a series of jokes about the band, but Barry soon grew fed up with his remarks and walked out.

Just minutes into the interview, Clive compared the latter’s famous high-pitched falsetto to Mickey Mouse.

He also said the group are “hit writers” before joking they are “one letter shy”.

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“They have hugely lived a life of ups and downs, not all of them, but some have come from relatively poor backgrounds and tend to go on to become fabulously wealthy.

“They go up and very often go back down again due to some crisis, then up again.

“There’s usually quite a lot to talk about.

“I do quite like interviewing musicians so I thought interviewing the Bee Gees would be good fun, but for whatever reason we didn’t quite hit it off.

“It was all a bit of a shame.”


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