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Common FAQs about CompTIA A+ Certification

For all those who want to lay a strong foundation of IT career and earn hard-core entry-level knowledge on various key IT concepts, the CompTIA A+ cer

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For all those who want to lay a strong foundation of IT career and earn hard-core entry-level knowledge on various key IT concepts, the CompTIA A+ certification is the ideal launch pad. Without imposing any stringent prerequisites and imparting the best-of-breed beginner knowledge, Visit This Website this badge makes a candidate ready to become an IT veteran in the near future. Thousands of specialists have already ripened their benefits and are leading a good life. So, it’s your turn now! But, before moving any further, you must gather some basic information about this credential. Here are some key FAQs that require your attention.


Common FAQs That You Need to Know about CompTIA A+ Certification

Are you ready to see the questions that always bother the candidates for the A+? If yes, let’s get started then!

What is the CompTIA A +?

The A+ is an entry-level accreditation designed to impart the right set of beginner knowledge into the aspirant. SY0601 With the help of its extensive test syllabus, it covers a broader expertise area that many leading entry-level jobs demand.

How many exams do I need to pass to earn this badge?

To earn the CompTIA A+ certification, a candidate has to go for and successfully pass two tests:

  • 220-1001 or Core 1which focuses on concepts such as hardware, mobile devices, networking technology, n/w troubleshooting, cloud computing & virtualization.
  • 220-1002 or Core 2 that deals withinstalling & configuring different OSs, s/w troubleshooting, N10-007 Exam Dumps operational procedures, and expanded security.

What is more, each exam is 90 minutes long and contains 90 questions built on the drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, and performance-based pattern.

What is the minimum passing score in the A+ assessments?

Well, a candidate has to score a minimum of 675 marks on a scale of 100-900 in 220-1001 exam and 700 marks 220-1002 to earn the pass status and get the A+ badge.

In what languages are these tests available?

Both the A+ exams are available in the English, German, Japanese, PrepAway Site Link Thai, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.

How much does the CompTIA A+ cost?

Earning the A+ certification is a costly affair as sitting for each of the two tests will cost you $226. However, you can expect some discounts when you bundle the exam voucher with some kind of study material or training that the vendor offers. CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Practice Test Questions To know more, CompTIA offers almost for free the CompTIA A+ certification for candidates such as unemployed or under-employed individuals, displaced workers, military veterans, women, and ethnic minorities under certain conditions.

What is the validity of the A+?

Once earned, the A+ credential remains valid for three years. To maintain its validity, CompTIA offers the recertification program. Under this program, a candidate has such alternatives to opt for:

  • Going for a training course;
  • Earning any other certification of a higher level;
  • Getting involved in Continuing Education activities.

What are the job opportunities after getting A+ certified?

The CompTIA A+ makes the career path of various IT jobs such as a service desk analyst, help desk technician, CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Questions – 220-1002 field service technician, and desktop support administrator if to name just a few. Thus, earning this certification makes you an ideal candidate for all these jobs with an annual salary of $61,385 as per PayScale.com.


Final Words

By instilling the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge of diverse basic computing and IT concepts, the CompTIA A+ certification makes you job-ready. Earning this badge means a smooth beginning of your IT career. Hence, make the A+ all yours today.