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Couple sent restraining order after complaining about wild party house next door

An elderly couple have been slapped with a restraining order after complaining about a “loud” neighbouring property that is often used for late-night parties.

Linda Bliss and Mark Honold from Phoenix, Arizona have claimed the short-term rental home they live behind is making their retirement hell, according to local television station Arizona Family.

The couple have called Phoenix Police at least five times over the noise and have made a number of complaints to the property manager.

However, they have said the issue has not been addressed and claim they are being held “hostage” inside their own home due to the frequency of the disruption.

Honold said: “We’re held hostage inside our house. It’s just so loud, you can hear everything.”

Things took a dramatic twist when they said the property owner hit them with a restraining order because of all the complaints they were making.

The serving of the restraining order came after an incident when they shouted at some guests to keep the noise down, according to the couple.

Honold continued: “It was very demeaning because I’m licensed by the state of Arizona for insurance, working with children, and the elderly, and they came and treated me like a criminal.”

The short-term rental manager of the property said all guests are properly screened and that loud parties are banned, claiming the elderly couple are the only neighbors to complain about people staying there.

The couple warned unless cities like Phoenix can introduce stricter rules on short-term rentals, homeowners like themselves will also begin to suffer negative experiences.

Bliss said: “It’s very disruptive It’s totally changed our lives.”

Phoenix attorney Jonathan Dessaules has explained what homeowners like Honold and Bliss can do if they find themselves in a similar situation.

He said: “My advice would be to document everything, keep a journal, walk by home and take pictures.”

“If you are going to go to court, either as a victim or witness or as party seeking injunction, you want to be able to put all the evidence in front of a judge.

“And not just say, ‘Judge, take my word for it. This house is crazy.'”



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