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Dad accused of raping his two-month-old daughter as police make horror discovery

A 25-year-old man in Madrid has been accused of raping his daughter who was barely a few months old.

The father, known only by his first name, Santiago, is also being charged with distributing child pornography of other babies, Spain’s National Police say.

The child’s mother was also arrested on charges related to child pornography, although she claims she had no prior knowledge of her partner abusing their baby.

Entering the home of the alleged paedophile, police were shocked at what they found. The baby was found to be very dirty and had scratches over her body, presumably from the cat that was living in the apartment with them.

Garbage was strewn across the floor of the apartment. Police even found a pacifier filled with ash and also joints and other drugs scattered around the home.

The couple shared the apartment with the owner and another tenant. Although it is unclear as to whether these two people were aware of the abuse going on under their own roof.

After police did the initial investigation, they analyzed material that was seized from the couple’s home. Investigators were able to find at least two videos in which the detainee sexually assaulted his own daughter. The girl’s face could not be seen, but police were able to identify her because they recognized a chair and a sofa that they had seen in their previous search.

After searching Santiago’s phone, police also found conversations he had with other men where he was talking about offering up his baby for rape.

Spanish police named the rescue operation and arrest “Renascere”, which means reborn in Italian. The police are hoping that, now that her parents have been arrested and she will live with her grandparents, she can begin a new life. 

Santiago had previously been arrested in 2021 for possessing child pornography. Although he wasn’t living in prison, he was under strict surveillance due to the nature of his previous crimes. Due to this surveillance, police learned that Santiago had a baby in May 2022 and was living with his partner in the Aluche neighborhood of Madrid.

When police in Spain received the tip from the United States, they immediately requested a search warrant and entered Santiago’s home.

The case against Santiago and his partner has been ongoing since September.

Santiago is currently facing provisional detention.

However, his partner was released from prison after Santiago stated that he had used her phone to distribute pornographic material and his partner had no knowledge of it. However, police told local Spanish media that they are not buying this excuse. 

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