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Dan Walker speaks out about the future of his 'cancelled' quiz show: 'Fun while it lasted'

Dan Walker, 43, is best known for his hosting duties on BBC Breakfast and Football Focus and he also appears occasionally on Match of the Day. But news and sport aren’t the only things Dan’s got his presenting teeth into.

Fans of the BBC presenter know that he also fronts a game show – Chase The Case.

The show features five contestants who compete to win money hidden in briefcases by answering questions and eliminating one another from the game.

Cash amounts of £0, £100, £500, £1,000 and £5,000 are hidden in five briefcases, each of which is given to a different contestant at the start of the game.

The strategy based quiz show sees the five trade their general knowledge for information to win money that’s been hidden.

The show aired in late 2018 and ran for one series, with episodes repeated throughout 2019 on BBC Two and is still available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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But Dan has since revealed he would like to do more of them.

Amid the online bickering between him and ITV rival Piers Morgan, Dan welcomed a tweet that wasn’t anything to do with the global crisis we are all currently battling.

A fan, who informed Dan he had been watching the older episodes, wanted to know if he would be up for filming another series.

“@mrdanwalker My girlfriend and I enjoyed watching Chase the Case whilst having our WFH lunches, and wondered if it will be returning to our screens in the future? Many thanks!” they wrote, waiting to see if Dan would answer.

“The magic of #ChaseTheCase It’s BBC2 in the afternoons at the moment for your televisual enjoyment #GermanShepherd,” he said at the time on Twitter.

In the clip, Dan read out the hint to the five contestants: “I featured in the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, in a video clip of an infamous broadcasting moment. I worked for the Met Office from 1962 to 2004…” he was stopped by a buzzer from contestant, Paul.

He may have thought his quick answer was well thought out, but it left the rest of the team and Dan bewildered.

“German Shepherd?” he guessed.

There was a short pause after Dan confirmed the answer was wrong, before he burst out laughing: “I’d like to see a German Shepherd work at the Met Office.”

“As much as I enjoyed that answer, you’re frozen out,” he giggled.

Taking to the comment section, Dan’s Twitter followers also enjoyed the laugh: “The memory, Ah yes, who can forget the time that German Shepherd incorrectly informed us there wouldn’t be a hurricane,” one user joked.

Another quipped: “I’m laughing out loud.”

It can only be assumed that Paul vaguely knew that the answer included an animal’s name, as Michael Fish was the correct answer.

Chase the Case is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.


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