Debbie McGee: 'He pinched me on the bum' Paul Daniels' wife talks 'cheeky' move on live TV

The presenter went on to say: “Every time I put something down, they’d look at me, and as I walked off, the one that was nearest to where I walked off, kept following me like a man would, ogling you.

“About the third time I came in, I bent over and put this prop on the table and this cheeky little chimp, he pinched me on the bum.”

While Debbie was laughing, she continued: “When I went off, I was sort of bending down in the wings, he kept looking at me and wouldn’t look at Paul and do the tricks.

“It was honestly so funny, and the trainer had to go in then and sort the chimp out basically, so he would concentrate on what he was doing,” she announced.

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