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Dr Mosley finds making a certain sound could have antiviral effect and clear your sinuses

While a balanced diet and exercise are the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle, much simpler practices can also offer some impressive health benefits.

For example, making a certain sound could offer antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial effects.

During a Just One Thing podcast episode about how breathing through your nose could benefit your health, Dr Michael Mosley found out how humming could be very potent for the nose.

The health guru made this discovery speaking with Professor John Lundberg, from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Professor Lundberg told the doctor: “Humming is actually an oscillating sound wave. 

“When that passes through the opening into the sinuses that surround the nose, it causes turbulence so the sinus cavity is washed out or emptied. 

“The great effect of humming that we, by complete accident, discovered is that if you do humming, you ventilate your sinuses.

“In one humming, the air is completely exchanged which during normal breathing otherwise takes five to six hours to exchange.”

What’s more, the professors shared that humming for just five to ten seconds could be enough to reap the benefits.

Don’t just take the expert’s word for it, as research, published in the journal Medical Hypotheses, also backs this practice.

The research team explained that humming increases concentrations of nitric oxide by 15- to 20-fold.

This is important because the gas is known to be broadly antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial.

What’s more, making this sound could help clear your nose and help you breathe more easily.

The research described a case study of a person who was instructed to hum strongly at a low pitch.

The subject started by humming for one hour at bedtime the first night, and continued for 60 to 120 times four times a day for the following four days.

The morning after the first humming session, the person awoke with a clear nose and found himself breathing easily through nose for the first time in over one month. 

The study concluded that humming 60 to 120 times four times per day could eliminate chronic inflammation or infection of the nose and air pockets in just four days. 



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