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Dramatic moment a Lidl worker accused of plotting attack at a primary school is shot

This is the shocking moment police shot a Lidl worker accused of assembling an arsenal as part of his “revenge” killing plot targeting his old primary school.

Reed Wischhusen, a 32-year-old who allegedly fantasised about the Columbine and Dunblane massacres and had a “kill list”, rushed down the stairs of his home to confront police with a gun.

In body camera footage shown to the jury at Bristol Crown Court, a shot is initially heard while the defendant was in the bathroom.

It later transpired this was Wischhusen trying to shoot himself. After the shot, he rushed down the stairs with his gun pointed at one of the firearms officers who raided the house.

Three shots are heard being fired as officers try to restrain him.

The court heard Wischhusen had drawn up a disturbing “kill list” of former classmates, teachers and police staff he wanted to target. 

His house in Wick St Lawrence, in Somerset was raided on November 28 2022 after police gathered intelligence that he had bought blank weapons that are capable of being converted into live firearms.

One firearms officer said the defendant asked if he could use the toilet during the raid.

He said: “After a short while I heard a loud bang. It sounded like a gunshot or an explosion.

“I had to do a quick risk assessment. I withdrew my issued handgun and covered the stairs where I perceived the threat to be.

“A colleague was running down and I thought the threat was high.

“I adopted a tactical position at the stairs to allow them to get out the house safely. It was really quick.”

He added: “I was concerned I did not know where he was. My colleagues were outside, maybe others were outside and there may be a threat to them if he had a weapon.

“I had a degree of concern that I did not know what happened – so I shouted to him to come to the top of the stairs.

“He came to the top of the stairs, and pointed his gun directly at me. I thought I was going to die.”

He continued: “I can recall saying things like, ‘Drop the gun, put the gun down’. He didn’t do that. He rushed down the stairs towards me.

“The gun was pointed directly towards me. It was all so quick I started to move away and I fired two shots.

“It happened so quickly. I withdrew towards the door. I fired a further shot and he dropped to the ground.

“He was still coming towards us with a handgun pointed towards me.”

The officer said the defendant, who was restrained in handcuffs after being “slumped on his side”, appeared to be “severely injured” and was given first aid which “saved his life”.

He said the defendant reached for his gun at one point and kept “trying to kick out”.

Wischhusen was charged with multiple firearms offences and is on trial at Bristol Crown Court.

Prosecutor Jonathan Rees KC said Wischhusen had developed a “macabre interest in infamous killers” over a “sustained period of time”.

During a police interview, Wischhusen denied he had any intention to carry out the shooting although he accepted he had a “macabre interest” in mass shootings.

He added: “It is just fantasy, that is all.”

He also claimed the incident in his home was a “suicide attempt” and that he shot himself before running at the police officers with the aim they would kill him.

Another neighbourhood beat officer, known as N8, who attended the house, said he lept into the garden to seek ‘hard cover’ as the two firearms officers on the scene drew their weapons.

Giving evidence today (Wed), the officer said: “It was a bit surreal. We expect risk in our job. But you never expect to be in that situation. As an officer that is not armed, I felt extremely vulnerable.

“As they (the firearms officers) stepped back in – I did not know if they were going to come out or if he was going to come out.

“They started to shout ‘put the gun down, put the gun down and then there were gunshots.

“I stepped in and could see they were restraining him – he had clearly been shot. I could see what I believe to be a very small pistol on the floor that wasn’t there earlier.”

To treat his wounds, they had to take his jacket off and remove handcuffs and the officer said the defendant tried to reach for his pistol.

He added: “I pushed the gun away.”

The trial continues.



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