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Driving tests: Parking and emergency stops could be scrapped in major changes to exams

A spokesperson for LeaseCar said the DVLA had previously shown how it could “keep up with the times” by changing tests in 2017.

They warned these dramatic changes would not be updated anytime soon but there was hope this could happen by 2030.

The spokesperson said: “As technology moves along quickly, vehicles will have to change to keep up with the advancements, putting drivers under less pressure when they’re behind the wheel.

“There were big changes to driving tests in December 2017 when manoeuvres such as reverse around the corner and turn in the road were removed from the syllabus, showing how the DVLA is hoping to keep up with the times.

“Although they are unlikely to update the test soon, these changes could possibly happen in the next ten years – depending on how quickly vehicles change.”

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