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'Easily cook bacon' in 10 minutes using an air fryer for 'perfectly crispy' results

Bacon is loved for its smoked, salty flavour, and this comes out even more when the meat is cooked to a crisp.

But when heated in a frying pan, this often requires extra fats and oils to enhance the texture.

That’s why an air fryer is the perfect alternative for people who want to enjoy crunchy bacon without the added calories.

Sharing her cooking method on the blog Liana’s Kitchen, Liana explained: “If you love bacon as much as I do, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily cook bacon in an air fryer!

“Your only limitation is how many rashers you can cook at a time!”

In terms of ingredients, there really are none required apart from bacon rashers of which Liana recommended using four.

However, this really depends on the size of the air fryer as even more can be added if the basket is big enough.

To cook the rashers until “perfectly crispy”, simply lay them flat in the air fryer basket.

Liana said: “If you want to fit more rashers in, either use a trivet or a rack to add more.

“It doesn’t matter if the bacon rashers are touching each other, or if they are overlapping a little bit, but don’t lay them on top of each other.”

Set the air fryer off at 180C for eight to 10 minutes, for thicker slices of bacon, increase the time to 12-15 minutes.

Flip the bacon halfway through, unless using a crisping rack, and cook for a little longer if it’s not crispy enough after 10 minutes.

Bacon is very safe to cook in the air fryer but the temperature is crucial to get right.

The Best Bacon Air Fryer Temperature is 180C as this will crisp the bacon without causing it to smoke or burn.



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