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Educating Yorkshire – Where are they now? Where is Musharaf now?

Educating Yorkshire was a Channel 4 series which first aired in 2013 and it followed the day-to-day lives of staff and students at Thornhill Community Academy. A one-off episode called Educating Yorkshire: One Year On was shown in August 2014, and it focussed on some of the key students from the series, including Musharaf Ashgar. Fans are curious to find out where the main cast members are now, and has everything you need to know.

Where is Musharaf from Educating Yorkshire now?

In episode eight of the series viewers were introduced to Musharaf, a kind-hearted but shy pupil who wanted to improve his English grade.

He was known for having a stutter which became more prominent after he lost his position as a prefect at the school.

His teacher Matthew Burton came up with a creative way to control his stutter, and the student ended up giving an inspirational speech in front of the school.

According to ‘Mushy’s’ LinkedIn profile, the 23-year-old is studying at the University of Huddersfield and he is now a motivational speaker.

On his Twitter profile, he said: “Truly honoured and humbled for all the lovely messages I’m receiving. It’s been a surreal journey.

“I am so proud to say I am now a motivational speaker. If you’re interested in booking myself in for a keynote, feel free to get into contact. Thank you #EducatingYorkshire.”

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Jonny Mitchell was the headteacher at the school and students had respect for him as he was full of laughs.

A couple of years after filming the series he switched schools and became headteacher at the Co-op Academy Leeds.

He was headteacher at the school in Harehills for a few years before switching to a new leadership role at Netherwood Academy in Barnsley.

Yorkshire Live published a letter from the interim CEO of the trust which runs his new school.

The letter said: “He is an extremely experienced head, working in very similar communities to Netherwood, and has a clear determination that matches that of the trust to accelerate the academy’s improvement journey.”

Ambitious student Ryan Ward also stood out in the series as he wanted to be the next Prime Minister.

The cheeky student is now 20 and he lives just around the corner from his old school, working with his parents at a flooring company.

Official fan pages were set up for the student during the year he featured on the series.

Speaking to Yorkshire Live he said: “When the cameras were rolling I was really enjoying myself. I was always one of the people wearing a microphone in case I said something funny.

“If I’d known how difficult the real world is when you get out of high school I would have made my aspirations a little bit more realistic but anything can happen can’t it?”

He said he hopes to go back to the school and visit some of his old teachers in the near future.

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Matthew Burton was the teacher who supported Musharaf with his stammer and he became one of the most popular cast members in the series.

The firm yet fair teacher has kept in contact with Musharaf since helping him find his confidence as a student.

He even gave Musharaf some advice ahead of his appearance on the popular dating show – First Dates.

The teacher has since taken on the role of headteacher at Thornhill Community Academy and he has proven to be a star both inside and outside school.

He has more than 38,000 followers on Twitter and has penned a book to help teenagers navigate secondary school.

He said: “Educating Yorkshire was such a wonderful thing to be involved in, and the outpouring of love for a repeat, seven years on, is testament to the bravery, graft and determination of @MusharafAsghar.

“We’re all battling something. Whatever it is, all we can ever do is our best.”

Another teacher on the series was Michael Steer, who is now starting a leadership role at North Huddersfield Trust School.

Tom Foster was a Year 10 pupil at the school at the time of filming and he was considered to be the class clown.

He was great at making people laugh but his ability to focus in the classroom was something which needed improvement.

Following the death of his stepbrother, his behaviour continued to go downhill, but thankfully he managed to get himself back on track.

Tom, now 22, works in a warehouse, and he said in an interview with Yorkshire Live he felt some of the teachers “acted up on camera”.

He added: “I’m 100 per cent happy with how the show portrayed me. That’s exactly who I am – loud, outgoing and always trying to make people laugh.”

Educating Yorkshire is available to watch on All4


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