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Engineer shares ‘ideal’ temperature to heat homes – could ‘knock 15% off your annual bill’

Matthew Jenkins, a heating expert at myjobquote advises switching on the central heating when average outdoor temperatures dip below 15 degrees Celsius. 

He said: “Outdoor temperatures of 15 degrees is when most people notice a change in temperature enough to comment on their discomfort. 

“This year, we’ll see daytime temperatures drop to below 15 degrees on the last weekend of October, making it the optimum time to turn the heating on.”

Most people find the optimal temperature for comfort in autumn and winter is between 18 to 21 degrees Celsius. 

In fact, GOV.UK recommends that consistent indoor temperatures shouldn’t dip drastically below 15 degrees as this can heighten the risk of negative health effects, especially for those living with any elderly relative. 

When the weather does turn, energy efficiency expert Stephen Hankinson at Electric Radiators Direct, urged that households need to think about turning their standard temperature down a degree or two. 

Stephen recommends that households keep their heating to the “ideal” temperature of 18 degrees.

He said: “You’re unlikely to feel much of a temperature difference overall, but you’re guaranteeing a difference in usage – and costs. 

“Going from 21 degrees to 18 degrees could knock 15 percent off your annual bill – over £300 going off average usage figures.”

For those looking for cheaper ways to stay warm as the temperature drops, hot water bottles are great for evenings on the sofa and “it costs about 6p to boil a full kettle”, claimed the expert.  

A heated blanket is also a great option. If households spend three hours of an evening relaxing under one, the electricity will “set you back about 9p” even at “full blast”. 

For those who don’t work from home at all during the week, scheduling the heating can help to “save money on your bills”.  

An hour or so in the morning, starting shortly before typically waking up, should have you in comfort as you go about getting ready. 

Keeping the heating off while out for the day means households can set it to have the house nice and warm for when they get back. 

Similarly, for those going away for an evening or a few days, make sure to change the thermostat to reflect this and ensure money is not being wasted. 



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