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F1 pundit who made Michael Schumacher health joke blames 'jetlag' as he issues apology

“What happened is that I went too far and made an expression that is not good, it is not accurate, it is not fine. I didn’t mean to make a joke, I didn’t mean to make fun of Michael Schumacher. I think that everyone who knows me and knows what I’m like knows perfectly well that I would never make a joke about something like that. Never, but I was clumsy.”

Schumacher’s health has been kept private by his family, though his son Mick – who is a reserve driver for Mercedes – did open up as part of a Netflix documentary released about his father in 2021.”I think dad and me, we would understand each other in a different way now,” he said.

“Simply because we speak a similar language, the language of motorsport. And we would have so much more to talk about. That’s where my head is most of the time. Thinking that it would be cool that would be. I would give up everything just for that.”



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