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Family's anger after son dies eight days after being sent home from hospital

A heartbroken family have criticised an investigation into their five-year-old son’s death which concluded his NHS care was appropriate, despite him dying eight days after being sent home from hospital.

Yusuf Mahmud Nazir was taken to hospital on November 15 2022, suffering from a severe sore throat. He died on November 23.

An investigation into his death concluded “an admission was not clinically required”, the Manchester Evening News reports.

His family claimed the report into his death is much shorter than what they were told it would be, and that 13 pages of “important” details about Yusuf’s care and “reaction to treatment” have been omitted.

They initially complained that Yusuf should have been admitted to Rotherham Hospital, in South Yorkshire, and given intravenous antibiotics. He was given normal antibiotics.

The family also claim they were told there were “no beds and not enough doctors” to stay over – although NHS South Yorkshire claimed otherwise.

NHS South Yorkshire’s report concluded that the medicines given were “appropriate” and “an admission was not clinically required”.

It described how asthma sufferer Yusuf was taken to the GP with a sore throat and given prescribed antibiotics by an advanced nurse practitioner. The same night, his parents took him to Rotherham Hospital Urgent & Emergency Care Centre (UECC) where he was seen in the early hours after a six-hour wait.

His severe tonsillitis meant an extension of the current antibiotics was prescribed and he was sent home. Two days later he received further antibiotics from his GP for a possible chest infection.

Paramedics then took him to Sheffield Children’s Hospital and he was admitted to the intensive care unit on November 21. He died after several cardiac arrests following multi-organ failure.

NHS South Yorkshire’s report also detailed that at the Sheffield Hospital there was only one doctor in the paediatric UECC on November 15 (the night Yusuf went to Rotherham Hospital), but said the same doctor was “an experienced UECC doctor”, who would have come to the same conclusion as his colleagues in Rotherham.

Yusuf’s uncle, Zaheer Ahmed, said “a lot of information is missing out of the report”, adding: “why are they hiding things?” 

He detailed how they were “begging” for doctors to “just observe” Yusuf while he was having breathing episodes, adding they were told there were no free beds to take Yusuf on.

He also rejected a key part of the report, which said the exact cause of death could not be determined due to no post-mortem being discovered. Mr Ahmed said Sheffield consultants had told him “exactly why his nephew had died”.

He questioned how an organisation as big as NHS England can only have one independent investigation company. 

He said: “We just want another investigation done”.



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