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Fitness expert shares the two easy exercises to get rid of back fat

With the days getting shorter and the supermarket aisles brimming with festive treats, autumn and winter can be a challenging time to start a weight loss journey.

However, a fitness expert has revealed two simple exercises that could target stubborn back fat.

Taking to her TikTok, Petra Genco, a fitness expert, explained that these two physical movements can be done from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

That means you don’t need to leave your house when the weather is gloomy or when it’s pitch-black outside.

All you need is a resistance band and your body. Genco explained she purchased her resistance band from her local Lidl, so there’s no need to go expensive.

1.Pull aparts

The first exercise Genco demonstrates in her video requires you to stand up straight with your legs apart, holding a resistance band in both of your hands.

You should raise both of your arms in front of you and open them out, while pulling the resistance band.

Then, return the arms in front of you and do 3×15 repetitions.

2. Decline chest presses

The second exercise the fitness expert outlined involves putting the resistance band underneath your feet, while holding it tight with both of your hands.

You should also tilt your upper body slightly towards the ground and pull the resistance band upwards with both of your hands, while keeping your arms next to your body.

Then, you return your arms to the position where you started and do another 3×15 repetitions.



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