Flights: Plane passenger shocks with extreme social distancing move on flight

Flights are back on the agenda for many as airlines around the world slowly resume schedules and borders reopen. However, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, new ways of boosting social distancing and hygiene have become a top priority for travellers.

One savvy passenger was recently pictured having come up with her own, rather innovative, way of reducing social contact.

The woman has received an outpouring of mixed emotions as a result.

While some passengers were left baffled and bemused, many others applauded her ingenuity and even questioned whether it should be a method they apply on future flights.

The image was originally posted by Twitter user @BiteSize_Bubz and was later shared by Instagram account @PassengerShaming.

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The woman is sat in her seat, with the plastic casing surrounding her.

Two zips are either side to help with access.

She captioned the hilarious sight with the words: “I’m gon catch this flight regardless.”(sic)

Though it may not be your typical onboard accessory, many viewers of the image applauded the woman’s creativity.

However, others were quick to point out some flaws in the traveller’s method of social distancing.

“Sounds great until you realise you’re breathing in your own exhaled air and suffocate,” one user commented.

Another said: “She’s going to have CO2 poising on any transcontinental flight.”

Others pointed out how much space the structure would take up.

“Worst person to sit next to,” said one viewer. 


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