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Full list of all the UK projects now going ahead with £36bn meant for HS2

Rishi Sunak announced the cancellation of the Birmingham-Manchester leg of HS2 this morning following days of speculation over its future, with the PM promising the money would be reinvested in transport across the country.

In its place he announced “Network North”, which he said would be a “different story – hundreds of transport projects starting sooner and finishing faster.”

As he faces backlash for what Manchester mayor Andy Burnham described as treating people in the north as “second-class citizens”, the PM said the £36billion that would have been spent on HS2 will now be spent on “hundreds of transport projects in the North, Midlands, and across the country.”

The majority of this fund – nearly £20 billion – will go to transport projects focused in the north of the country, but other regions will receive around £15 billion.

Here is the full list of projects being funded by the money from HS2. There are no timelines for any of the redirected spending, and the majority of investments seek to improve on existing projects.



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