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Furious dad slams council after £9k fine for 'driving in city's clean air zone'

A dad has hit out at his local council after being “threatened by bailiffs” over £9,000 worth of Clean Air Zone fines.

Azrar Hussain, from Erdington in Birmingham, bought an Audi A6 in 2021 that he intended to use as a taxi. He quickly started receiving fines for the vehicles not being environmentally friendly.

The Uber driver says that despite his sending proof that it met emission standards and removing the private registration number, the council refuses to drop the fine, Birmingham Live reports.

He claims he is not liable and is “living in fear” that the bailiffs will come knocking.

Mr Hussain has lived in private accommodation for two years with his wife and three children and said the saga with the council, which has lasted two years, has caused “unnecessary stress”.

“I’ve tried to tell the council that I’m not liable for these fines but they’re not having it,” Mr Hussain told BirminghamLive. “It’s ridiculous, it’s an error on their database, I’ve proved my car is a Clean Air Zone complaint twice.”

“Everytime the door knocks we get paranoid about bailiffs,” he said. “We don’t want to be going through this headache.

“They’re harassing me for £9000 that I am not liable for and I will not pay. It’s causing me and my family a lot of stress and I’ve had to take time off work to try and get it sorted. 

“We’ve been living in temporary accommodation for the past two years and this is just adding to the stress.”

A spokesperson for Birmingham City Council said: “The Council follows the statutory enforcement process for the issuing and enforcement of penalty charge notices. 

“Penalty charge notices are sent to the address of a registered keeper of a vehicle, based on the information held by the DVLA at the point it is issued.

“We encourage all drivers to check if their car is compliant using the vehicle checker, which can be found at 

“In the event that a PCN is received, opportunities for challenge are set out at each stage of the process so that anyone issued with a penalty charge notice understands how they can pay or challenge it.”



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