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Furious Suella Braverman pinpoints ‘biggest reason’ Tories can't end illegal migration

Suella Braverman has branded the Human Rights Act “the Criminal Rights Act” as it is preventing the Government from ending illegal migration.

The Home Secretary said the laws – introduced by Tony Blair’s Government – have “turbocharged” legal challenges.

She said politicians have been “too unwilling” to recognise that international treaties – such as the European Convention on Human Rights and the Refugee Convention – need updating.

Mrs Braverman said: “The biggest reason why Conservative governments have struggled to get illegal migration under control is because Labour governments passed laws that inhibit effective action.

“We struggle to remove foreign criminals; We struggle to get accurate data on the ages of those who claim asylum;

“We struggle even to confiscate smartphones from illegal migrants landing on our beaches.

“Our country has become enmeshed in a dense net of international rules that were designed for another era.

“And it is Labour that turbocharged their impact by passing the misnamed Human Rights Act.

“I am surprised they didn’t call it the Criminal Rights Act.”

The Home Secretary hinted again that the Government is willing to leave the European Convention on Human Rights.

She said: “Our Illegal Migration Act which will come into force in the coming months, now means that the only route to asylum in the UK is a legal route.

“The Act means that those arriving illegally, will be detained and removed, back to their home country if possible, or to a safe third country such as Rwanda. All of this is ultimately a question of political will.

“And be under no illusion, we will do whatever it takes to stop the boats and deter bogus asylum seekers.”

Mrs Braverman, who vowed to start shutting down asylum hotels “soon”, condemned rich celebrities who are “more likely” to have migrants “mowing their lawns or cleaning their homes”.

She said: “Our politically correct critics have money. They have status. And they have loud voices.

“They have the luxury of promoting seductive but irresponsible ideas safe in the knowledge that their privilege will insulate them from any collateral damage.

“The luxury beliefs brigade sit in their ivory towers telling ordinary people that they are morally deficient because they dare to get upset about the impact of illegal migration, net zero, or habitual criminals.

“And you can be sure of one thing. People with luxury beliefs will flock to Labour at the next election because that’s the way to get the kind of society they want.

“They like open borders. The migrants coming in won’t be taking their jobs. In fact, they are more likely to have them mowing their lawns or cleaning their homes.

“They love soft sentences. The criminals who benefit from such ostentatious compassion won’t be terrorising their streets or grooming their children.

The Home Secretary said critics repeatedly resort to labelling efforts to control illegal migration as “racist.”

She said: “Each time I have gone to Parliament to improve the law on immigration, Labour has tried to block us.

“Always aided by their allies in the third sector.

“Some of whom openly declare that they oppose national borders on principle.

“And all of them bleating the same incessant accusation: Racist. Racist. Racist. They’ve always used that smear.

“They tried it against Margaret Thatcher…It didn’t work. They tried it against David Cameron…It didn’t work.

“A couple of years ago they even tried it against Winston Churchill…Our greatest ever leader…And it didn’t work then either.

“And I can promise you this…it won’t work against Rishi Sunak…and it won’t work against me.”

The Home Secretary said ministers have “much more to do to end the scandal of rapists and paedophiles changing their names to evade sanctions and criminal record checks.



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