Glasgow serious incident declared as armed police swarm city centre – 'Multiple stabbings'

According to local reports, around 20 police vehicles have descended on West George Street in the city. 

LBC journalist, Fraser Knight said: “Huge police and ambulance response to an incident on West George Street in Glasgow – reports of a police officer being stabbed.”

There have been further reports of multiple stabbings in the city. 

Local journalist, Phil McDonald said: “Officers leading people out of a hostel on West George Steeet in Glasgow.

“Unconfirmed reports of multiple stabbings.”

As of yet, there has been no confirmation of casualties or who is behind the attack. 

Greater Glasgow Police said: “Emergency services are currently dealing with an incident in West George Street in Glasgow.

“The street is currently closed off and the public are asked to avoid the area at present.

“The situation is contained at this time and there is no danger to the general public.”

In a video posted online, armed police were seen arriving at the scene. 

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has asked local residents to West George street. 


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