Hand luggage secrets: How to beat easyJet cabin baggage rules with these surprising steps

Hand luggage rules have meant that it can be quite restrictive on what you can and can’t take onboard an aircraft due to size and weight. Airlines like Ryanair and easyJet are known to be very strict when it comes to hand luggage and passengers can end up paying hefty baggage fees to allow them to take their cabin luggage on their flight. This means that fliers must be savvy when it comes to packing their luggage.

Keep calm and carry on using your old bag

If you don’t want to buy a new bag, then Skyscanner suggests carrying on using the bag you are already using with weight and size restrictions in mind.

For easyJet, the hand luggage weight allowance is 10kg and the size is 56x45x25cm.

The website says: “As long as your hand luggage is within the size restrictions stated above, all easyJet are saying is that they cannot guarantee that there’ll be space for it in the cabin…The only real way to ensure your hand luggage stays in the cabin is to turn up bright and early for your flight.

“To be the first at your flight arrive at the airport two to three hours to spare for international flights, one to one and a half hours for domestic. Check the hand luggage restrictions on the airport website before you arrive, so you don’t get held up at security.”

Pack light for your holiday

Skyscanner recommends only packing the essentials that you will genuinely use for your holiday. This seems simple but many overpack for holidays in case they need certain items while they’re away.

The website says: “When you’re packing your suitcase, adjust to the baggage rules by correspondingly cutting your stuff down by a third, and you might find you can squeeze your holiday wardrobe into hand luggage alone.

“Stick to reasonably essential items. As long as you remember your underwear and enough t-shirts you can probably get by on one pair of casual jeans and one jumper for a long weekend.”

Skyscanner recommends rolling clothing items as it can save a lot of space for essential items like toiletries.

Wear your luggage on the flight

The money saving website explains how wearing some of your clothing items on the flight can help save space in your hand luggage for more clothes.

This will help you save on baggage fees and will allow you to pack more clothes or essential holiday items.

Layering up clothes may keep you warm on the flight too as airplanes can be quite cold due to the constant ventilation around the aircraft.

Check in your bag
If you really want to pack heavy for your holiday, then checking your bag in usually won’t come at an extra cost but this does vary between airlines and depends on the ticket you have booked.

You may have to wait a little longer to retrieve your bags from baggage claim at your destination but this could help you beat hefty hand luggage fees.


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