Heart attack: Noticed swelling in this body region? You could be at risk of the condition

Heart attacks occur when the artery supplying the heart with blood and oxygen becomes blocked. When this occurs, the heart is starved of its vital oxygen and serious complications can arise. If a person notices swelling in this region it could be an early warning sign of the insidious condition.

How to know your edema is caused by a heart condition

When a person’s heart weakens and pumps blood less effectively, fluid inside the body can slowly build up and this creates leg edema.

If fluid build-up occurs quickly, fluid in the lungs, known as pulmonary edema, can develop.

If a person’s heart failure is on the right side of their heart, edema can develop in the abdomen too.

For a person concerned about their swollen feet, press a finger against the ankle or shin bone to check if there is a depression left behind.

This is known as “pitting edema” and is a good indicator to determine if the swelling is something more serious.

Edema could be a sign of heart failure due to the heart not being able to pump as well.

The ankles and feet are most likely to be affected due to the effects of gravity. 


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