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Hilarious moment road rage driver gets shock of his life after police spot him

A man appeared ready to fight a fellow motorist in a shocking video filmed by a dashcam.

A 32-second clip shared on Tiktok shows the driver of a red car leaving his vehicle in the middle of a busy street before advancing towards the people behind the dashcam.

After skipping for a few steps, he started walking towards the vehicle that had angered him at a more natural pace.

The road-raging man, who wore a black jumper and dark-coloured joggers, appeared angry as he signalled the driver inside the car recording the extraordinary footage to get out and face him.

While metal music played in the car, the man reached the right-hand side of the vehicle and screamed at the driver.

After a few upsetting seconds, he got away from the car to return to his.

But the fierce look on his face turned into one of terror within instants as he spotted police coming towards him.

The last few seconds of the video show him sprinting back to his car while two police officers follow him in the middle of the road.

The video was captured by DashCamOwnersAu and shared by News First Australia, which claimed the footage had been captured at an “undetermined location” in the Australian state of Victoria.

The video doesn’t show which reason may have brought the man to lash out at a fellow motorist.

Since it was shared online, the clip has gone viral, with more than 20,000 people commenting on it.

One Tiktok user called Stevie addressed the man’s decision to skip out of the car, writing: “He came out skipping like you had a car full of berries and cream”.

Another, named Andie B, added: “Anybody else laughing at how he confidently skipped over but tucked his tail as he sprinted away?”

A third, with the nickname KattappaReborn, added: “Hahahahahahahah!!! Made my day!!!”



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