Holly Willoughby heartbreak: 'It held me back' This Morning host on fears for her children

Holly Willoughby, 39, is just one of the dynamic duo on This Morning alongside her co-host and best friend Phillip Schofield. Between them, the pair are icons of British TV – from their personable rapport and chatty banter, to their hilarious antics and amusing gaffes. But Holly revealed she wasn’t always that colourful, bubbly character we see on screen.

In fact, the popular TV star has spoken openly about having dyslexia and how, as a child, she let it hold her back.

The This Morning presenter revealed she uses coloured scripts when presenting on the show, and says many of the slip-ups she’s made over the years have been because of her struggles.

In 2017, Talking to the Glasgow Post Holly spoke of how she fears her children will have it as it can be hereditary.

Holly said: “I do bear it in mind quite a lot. Although my mum hasn’t been officially tested, she has very similar tendencies to me.

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The presenter said: “Becoming a mum was the only thing I knew I definitely wanted when I was growing up, but the image I had never involved me being a working mum and that’s been the biggest challenge.

“I’ve been riddled with guilt about getting that part wrong. You love them so much, and you don’t want to mess them up.

“The truth is, I didn’t do the drop-off on Harry’s or Belle’s first day of school because I was working.

“I hate that I wasn’t there because those are memories you can’t get back.

“But I’ve realised the only way that I can combat those feelings is to accept that sometimes I don’t get it right – and that’s fine.”

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