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‘I’m a car expert – petrol and diesel owners can save £43 with simple fuel-saving tip'

A leading motoring expert has revealed petrol and diesel owners could increase their fuel economy by as much as three percent with a simple tip.

Simply keeping a car’s tyres inflated at all times could lead to major savings with an average of £43 per year taken off road users’ bills.

Checking tyres before every journey can seem tedious but the specialist warns it could be “cost-effective” in the long run.

John Woosey, the founder of Ripe Motorhome Insurance, said: “According to TyreSafe, a pressure drop of just 6 psi can lead to a three percent increase in fuel consumption.

“Ensuring you check your tyres before every trip can therefore be extremely cost-effective over the course of a year.

“You can check your car manual for the appropriate pressure or use an online calculator.”

Tyre pressure machines can be purchased for as little as £15 online but are durable meaning motorists can continue to make savings for years on end.

Those who don’t want to splash out on their own machine can often check their tyre pressures at petrol stations.

These special tools are usually placed just away from the forecourt and charge around £1 per use.

TyreSafe warns that under-inflated tyres could be costing UK motorists around £600million every year.

They warn that under-inflated rubber requires a bigger force to turn, which leads vehicles to burn more fuel.

Electric car owners are likely to be similarly affected through a reduced mileage range.

However, experts also raised safety fears with tyres which are not properly inflated liable to severe failure.

They warn tyres which are 20 percent underinflated are considered to be “dangerous to use”.

Rubber which is a massive 40 percent below the required levels is considered to be “very dangerous” and puts owners at risk.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chair, has previously encouraged road users to never neglect tyre checks.

He explained: “We’re all feeling the pinch during these challenging times, and need to find ways to reduce unnecessary outgoings.

“While most households will jump to make cutbacks on groceries, luxuries and other expenses, they neglect to carry out regular tyre checks, leaving them vulnerable to wasted fuel expenses and hefty premature tyre replacement costs.

“Perhaps most importantly, is the even greater price drivers could face by driving on underinflated tyres, which pose a risk to life. Simply put, checking tyres can save money and lives.”



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