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‘I’m a driving expert – doing this at night could lead to a £5,000 on the spot fine'

An automotive expert has warned drivers to make sure that they set their car’s lights properly before driving at night to avoid accidents and fines.

Abigayle, a motoring journalist and influencer who goes by the name SheTalksCars, regularly posts short videos to her TikTok page giving drivers advice on how to make the most of their cars.

In one of her latest posts, Abigayle vents her frustration for motorists who drive at night without turning their headlamps on.

She said: “There’s something we need to address drivers, those who drive at night because I’ve seen too many drivers doing this. Not only is it against the law, it’s extremely dangerous.

“They don’t put their lights on, or they’re not properly working. Do you understand how dangerous that is? I’d rather someone blinded me with Xenons than not have lights working!”

While many new cars feature automatic headlamps, which will automatically turn on when it gets dark, Abigayle claimed that she regularly sees cars travelling in the dark without the right lights on.

She also made reference to a number of cars that had lights broken on their car, which can lead to poor visibility for the driver and other road users.

Drivers should regularly check that the headlights work on their car, with many experts recommending that they keep a spare set of bulbs to avoid facing fines and potential accidents.

According to the Highway Code, all motorists should turn on their headlamps 30 minutes before sunset and only turn them off 30 minutes before the sun rises.

If a police officer pulls over a vehicle that does not have its lights switched on when it is dark, the driver will likely receive a fine of £50.

However, some officers could consider travelling in the dark without headlights as a form of driving without due care and attention, which may result in a more expensive fine and three penalty points.

Receiving over 600 likes, many of Abigayle’s viewers shared her thoughts on other drivers not using their headlamps.

One viewer commented: “And the majority of cars with lights off literally have automatic lights, like leave it on auto!”

Another added: “This is becoming more frequent. People are just so oblivious nowadays.”



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