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‘I’m a plumber – a radiator device costing less than £10 could halve your gas bill’

A plumbing and heating engineer on TikTok has shared how to “potentially halve your gas bill” by installing a simple device on your radiators.

The plumber recommended installing a thermostatic valve on radiators so Britons can limit or turn off the flow of water or steam into the radiator.

The TRV allows homeowners to only heat rooms in the house they want to which means there’s no need to turn on every radiator in the house.

The valves can be bought online for less than £10 despite saving Britons potentially hundreds of pounds on their gas bills.

TikTok plumber @djmatrixx101 said the device “will save you money if you know how to use it properly”.

The expert said when people switch their central heating on, they heat their entire house because they have every radiator that’s heated using their boiler switched on.

However, he argued that this could be a waste of people’s money.

For example, the majority of people don’t spend all day in their bedroom or their bathrooms but the heating is on all day.

He said on TikTok: “My advice is to go around every single room and [after installing thermostatic radiator valves] to switch them off if you’re not using the radiator.

“If you can turn off 50 percent of your volume of radiators, you will save 50 percent on your gas bill – it is that straightforward.

“If you’re not using your bedroom radiator, turn it off.”



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