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‘I’m a stylist – this is how you should dry your hair for less breakage and softer locks’

After getting out of the shower or bath, most people will towel-dry their hair before styling it using either a blow-dryer or a heat-styling product.

While towel-drying your hair may not feel like an important part of your hair care routine, it can cause considerable damage to people’s hair if it’s done incorrectly.

In fact, even using a large bath towel to dry your hair could be causing damage, according to experts.

A large towel placed on your head is heavy and could place stress on the hair causing it to break.

Now, a stylist at Blue Tit, Michael Kent, has shared the correct method to dry your hair to avoid “unnecessary breakage”.

He told “An important thing to remember when drying your hair is that too much friction with your towel will irritate the cuticles in the hair shaft.

“Instead, you should squeeze any excess water out. You want to soften the cuticles of the hair, and the best way to do this is with oils and smoothing creams.

“Comb the hair out and work in sections, dry your hair on low heat.

“To avoid unnecessary breakage, use a paddle brush or a large round brush. By using the concentration nozzle you will control the airflow.”

Michael’s “top tip” is to dry your hair from “root to tip” to keep hair looking smooth.

If you don’t do this, you’re simply roughing your hair up in different directions which can make it look messy.

He added: “For unruly hair, you should spray in some heat defence and straighten it for an extra smooth finish. 

“Don’t brush your hair too often, do it after washing your hair with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner.”

The haircare expert also shared exclusively with the “key” to soft and shiny hair.

He said: “For the best soft and shiny hair, the key is in all the care. You need to remove any product buildup, so treat yourself to a fab hair mask.

“This should be followed by a cooler rinse to help love-in the moisture.”



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