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Inside Michael Schumacher's wild 5am parties including torn pants and driving a forklift

Ex-Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher has lifted the lid on what parties with his brother, Michael Schumacher, would entail – including how their wildest of nights panned out. The pair were known for being calm and collected when on the track, but Michael’s success allowed the siblings to party into the early morning when celebrations were in order.

Schumacher wrote himself into the history books when winning seven world championships, the joint-most with Lewis Hamilton, enjoying success with both Benetton and Ferrari. The German raised the bar for drivers and is regarded as one of the all-time greats as a result, being used as a reference point by many when discussing legends of the sport.

Schumacher’s dedication and calm demeanour are often credited as key reasons as to why he was an unstoppable force, though the ex-Mercedes star was able to let his hair down, as such, when the sun would set, it has been revealed by his brother.

Speaking on the YouTube channel, Ralf offered an insight into what partying with the Schumacher brothers was like, recalling an eventful evening in Japan that saw a forklift become the vehicle of choice. He explained: “We had many legendary parties back then at Karlheinz Zimmermann’s catering.

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“The successes that Michael achieved. But even then, we celebrated, and it was usually in Suzuka, where it was quite extreme. I remember torn pants and such, but that’s part of it. We just drove towards the hotel with a forklift in the evening. I was on it too. It was quite fun. Memories, very fond memories that I wouldn’t want to miss.”

“We actually went to the karaoke bars,” Ralf laughed, “Which were still around at the time. That’s where everyone met up, and on that day, it went on until 5:00 in the morning.



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