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iPhone 12 could get the battery boost we've all been dreaming about

If Apple keeps to tradition, we should see a new iPhone launched within the next few months. September is the US technology firm’s favoured time for smartphone reveals and despite the current health crisis, there’s nothing to suggest that the date won’t be the same in 2020.

With that launch fast-approaching, the rumours and leaks are flooding in and the latest whispers offer fans a battery-boosting bonus they have been dreaming of. An unconfirmed leak, shared on Twitter, seemingly confirms that Apple could include a much more powerful wall plug than the current power pack that ships with the iPhone 11.

The tweet states, “New iPhone 12 will Be Equipped with 20W Power Adapter” and, if true, it’s a huge update to what Apple currently offers.

Those buying the standard iPhone 11 only get a 5W plug which can’t charge the device anywhere near as fast as more powerful adaptors. Admittedly, if you buy the premium iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max you do get a better 18W plug but even this isn’t as good as what’s pictured in this latest leak.

Many rival Android handsets, like OnePlus 8 Pro’s 30W charger, shows the sort of fast-charging speeds that are possible when there’s a better plug in the box. It would be amazing to see Apple following with a similar update with the iPhone 12 in a few months time.

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We’ll have to and see if this rumour becomes a reality but that’s not the only treat that could be coming this September.

It’s believed Apple might finally be planning to launch a 5G version of its iPhone which would allow these devices to access the latest download speeds.

5G offers consumers the option to download movies, music and files at speeds of over 300Mbps which is around five times faster than the UK’s average broadband.

Along with those speedy downloads, there are plenty of other rumours including an update to the rear camera, a faster 120Hz screen and new processor which will take the phone’s power to a whole new level.

One other big rumour is that Apple could launch four versions of the iPhone 12 later this year including two standard models and two Pro devices. iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max look set to get those 5G speeds and a quad-rear camera which will include the LiDAR scanner now found on the iPad Pro.

In a nutshell, LiDAR measures the distance to surrounding objects up to five meters away. It’s the same technology used by Tesla to help its vehicles drive themselves and was also used by NASA for its Mars Rover. So, it’s pretty accurate. It’s still early days so expect plenty more leaks and rumours to be revealed in the coming months.


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