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Joe Biden is 'an embarrassment to US on world stage' as he's makes another mistake

President Joe Biden took the stage at APEC on Thursday in front of other world leaders, where he butchered the name of the venue and refused to mention a US business for fear of mispronouncing it.

Videos shared on social media show Biden looking confused as he stood for a photo-op at the conference in San Francisco.

Biden, who turns 81 next week, looked confused standing before the world leaders and at times seemed to point at pre-arranged markers.

The president spoke about US corporate innovation at the conference, in which he avoided saying the name of one business for fear of botching its pronunciation.

Biden said: “IBM, Organon, Visa – they make our region more resilient, more secure. Here in this world-renowned hub of innovation, leading tech companies like Anthropic and – I’m going to mispronounce [it], I’m not going to even try.”

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The president added: “It’s better not to try and not mispronounce than try and mispronounce.”

The crowd at the conference and other dignitaries laughed warmly at Biden’s comments, but one foreign policy expert said that Biden “increasingly doesn’t know what he is saying or doing.”

Nile Gardiner, a Washington-based foreign policy expert and director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation, said to Daily Express US: “Joe Biden is increasingly losing his mind and he is evidently unfit to be president of the United States.

“All the evidence suggests that Biden is always capable of massively embarrassing the United States on the world stage. That problem grows by the day and it is evident.”

Gardiner pointed out some of the public’s complaints under the Biden administration.

He said: “You have an open southern border, you have several million illegal migrants cross over into the US under his presidency.

“You have soaring levels of violent crime in every major city run by Biden’s party in the US – from Washington to LA to New York to Chicago.

“In addition, there is a great level of nervousness over the economic situation and the vast majority of Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.”

A new poll from Quinnipiac University released on Wednesday shows that Americans’ views of Biden are getting worse due to his handling of certain political issues.

Thirty-seven percent of voters said they approved of Biden’s job performance, while 59 percent said they disapproved.

Gardiner said: “There is simply no confidence in Biden’s leadership. This presidency is a Titanic-like behemoth that is sinking rapidly.”

This comes as Biden faces backlash from some US officials and the public for his stance on the Israel-Hamas war, as many hecklers have asked the president to call for a “ceasefire” in Gaza.

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