Keir Starmer’s impossible Labour dilemma exposed as Tory MP pinpoints critical weakness

The comments came from Andrew Bridgen, the Conservative MP and Brexiter, who argued that infighting between “Corbynistas” and the centre left of the Labour Party will hold Sir Keir Starmer back. The MP for North West Leicestershire said: “The way for the Conservative Party to deal with Keir Starmer, is that he may be a more presentable face of the left, but he still can’t control hard left MPs. “Ultimately, all of them, including Starmer, stood on Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto at the last election didn’t they?

“They all signed up to it, so they are now all tarred with that hard left brush.”

While Mr Bridgen acknowledges Sir Keir is trying to distinguish himself from the Corbyn brand of politics, he adds that the number of MPs in the party sympathetic to the former leader will hurt the current one.

The Tory MP continued: “Although Starmer will try and reposition, the Labour Party has more hard left MPs than it ever has in its history.

“They will come out with policies and statements, and every time you ask Starmer if he supports it he doesn’t say anything.

“This will increase and increase, and you can’t be Prime Minister if you can’t make decisions.”

Mr Bridgen’s comments came as Sir Keir was forced to sack Rebecca Long-Bailey from the shadow cabinet yesterday after she shared an interview in which actress Maxine Peake appeared to spread an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

A spokesman for the Labour leader said: “This afternoon Keir Starmer asked Rebecca Long Bailey to step down from the shadow cabinet.

“The article Rebecca shared earlier today contained an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

“As leader of the Labour Party, Keir has been clear that restoring trust with the Jewish community is a number one priority.

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“It wasn’t intended to be an endorsement of all aspects of the article.

“These are sentiments are shared by everyone in our movement and millions of people in our country.

“I learned that many people were concerned by references to international sharing of training and restraint techniques between police and security forces.”

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