Kennington fire: Emergency services rush to tackle blaze in block of flats

Video footage shows thick black smoke coming from a tower block in Kennington. Up for fifteen fire engines have been deployed to the scene to tackle the blaze. It is understood the fire started at the Brandon Estate in Kennington.

BBC reporter Thomas Mackintosh wrote on Twitter: “Fifteen fire engines dealing with a tower block fire in the Brandon Estate in Kennington.”

Several other eye witness have shared footage and videos from the scene.  

One user wrote on Twitter: “There’s a fire in a tower block in Kennington, I’m legit horrified.”

Another said: “Lots of sirens and smoke in the distance.”

A third user said: “Tower block on fire in Kennington. Counted about 15-20 fire engines, dozens of marked an unmarked police cars plus several ambulances rushing to the scene.

“Hope everyone is safe.”

More to follow. 


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