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Kim Jong-Un issues terrifying warning to the West with vows to create more nuclear weapons

Kim Jong-Un has warned of a “new Cold War” and promised to increase his nuclear arsenal.

At a meeting of parliament, the North Korean supreme leader noted the need to “accelerate nuclear modernisation” in the face of American provocation.

“Now that the US, steeped in the Cold War mentality, has gone to extremes in its military provocations, it is very important for North Korea to accelerate the modernisation of nuclear weapons in order to hold the definite edge of strategic deterrence,” Kim told the Supreme People’s Assembly.

He spoke of “the need to push ahead with the work for exponentially boosting the production of nuclear weapons and diversifying the nuclear strike means”, and said that “our nuclear force-building policy has been made permanent as the basic law of the state, which no one is allowed to flout”.

This comes days after the North Korean parliament revised the constitution to enshrine the country’s status as a permanent nuclear status.

Article 58 of Chapter Four of the constitution sets out that the country “develops highly nuclear weapons to ensure the rights to existence and development of the country, deter war and defend peace and stability in the region and the rest of the world”.

Kim Jong-Un also recently returned from Russia, where he and Putin promised one another military and technological aid. Russia could assist with getting a spy satellite into space and North Korea could provide artillery shells, rockets and missiles.

“The US has maximised its nuclear war threats to our Republic by resuming the large-scale nuclear war joint drills with clear aggressive nature and putting the deployment of its strategic nuclear assets near the Korean peninsula on a permanent basis,” he said.

“The accelerated establishment of the triangular military alliance with Japan and the ‘Republic of Korea’ finally resulted in the emergence of the ‘Asian version of NATO’, the root cause of war and aggression.

“This is just the worst actual threat, not threatening rhetoric or an imaginary entity.”

The US and South Korea have responded to increases in hostility by dispatching aircraft carriers, nuclear-capable bombers and nuclear submarines to conduct exercises in shows of force.



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